Nicolas Timar

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Nicolas TIMAR

Budapest, Hungary

Belgian Sculptor in Abstract Art

“When his secondary studies were interrupted by the political situation of 1956, Nicolas Timar fled Budapest. After an interim period in Austria, he resided in France, the United States, the Virgin Islands and Africa.

He has been living in Belgium since 1970 where he studied non-figurative sculpture for four years at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Brussels.
His independence and personality asserted themselves very rapidly in command of a style where pure reason and the most subtle emotion blended into a single harmony.

For his monumental creations, he prefers working in steel, a material that he masters completely, but which imposes upon him a hard discipline.
His sculptures are both static and mobile; they are integrated into a space without transgression, while enriching the surroundings.
Their elements form a calm and sensitive balance, a rigorous geometry corrected by emotions. Timar’s works of high quality have drawn much interest in Belgium where they figure in several important art collections.
They are distinguished by a concern for the monumental and a great purity of form.
He also works in marble, in particular, black Belgian marble, and in bronze.
His important creations are found in Brussels, Ostende and Dallas, United States.”

Text by:
Emile Langui, Art Historian, General Director of Arts and Letters of the Belgian Ministry of Public Education President of the Belgian Association of Art Critics (A.B.C.A.) from 1961 to 1977

Louis Bogaerts, Art Collector

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